Morris County Carpenter Ants

Morris County carpenter ants can be a huge problem for your property. In the Spring, they can begin to swarm and tunnel in or near your home. This indicates the possibility of a colony of Morris County carpenter ants invading your property. They are easiest to spot in your home during the spring time and warmer months. Morris County carpenter ants are large and blackish in color. Worker carpenter ants can be from 1/4” to about 3/4” in length.

What Morris County Carpenter Ants Do

Morris County Carpenter Ants

Morris County carpenter ants tunnel through wood similarly to the work of termites. These galleries appear clean, smooth and sandpapered in appearance. The galleries are hollowed in moist or unsound wood. Morris County carpenter ants do not use wood for food , but hollow it out for nesting. Both indoor and outdoor nesting can occur. Excess nesting can weaken buildings and can cause serious damage and costly repairs to your home or structure. Morris County carpenter ants can also contaminate food. If you see a swarm of them in or near your home, you should contact a Morris County carpenter ant exterminator immediately.

The best way to control Morris County carpenter ants is to find and destroy the nests. This is easier said then done. Oftentimes, this is difficult or impossible for the homeowner to do. For this reason, it is highly recommended to hire a Morris County carpenter ant Exterminator for help. Hennebry Pest Solutions, LLC is a Morris County carpenter ant exterminator & pest control company that serves Northern & Central New Jersey. Call them today at 908-578-0726 or visit their website.

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