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Hennebry Pest Solutions LLC is your “local” Pest Flea Treatment highly experienced in both Pest Control Services and animal removal and the exclusion process. We provide the most comprehensive and effective methods of pest management to ensure you home or business is risk free of unwanted guests throughout the year. Highly trained and licensed, we continue to far exceed our competition in all areas of Pest Control Services practices and technologies. We offer Emergency services at any time. All our services are guaranteed. Contact Hennebry Pest Solutions LLC for the Premier Flea Treatment in New Jersey!


Flea Treatment In Morris County, Warren County, and Somerset County NJ

Morris County Pest Services



WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER OR FALL….these nasty little pests can invade your home year round, especially if you have a dog or cat. They can also be found on rodents and a variety of other animals. Fleas can bite up to 400 times a day! You will have a small, hard, red, raised itching spot and bleeding may occur! They can jump 30,000 times in a row without stopping and in opposite direction! Just one flea can multiply to 1,000 fleas on your pet and in your home in 21 days!

This all means one thing: Fleas are tough to deal with.

Don’t get caught FLIRTING WITH FLEAS!

CALL HENNEBRY PEST SOLUTIONS LLC for immediate, effective and professional FLEA treatment.



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