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GET HENNEBRY Pest Control Services in 2016!

  • The Black Ant can be quite a pest…at any time of the year…. inside and out, trailing across kitchen floors and counter tops or digging trails along your foundation and walkways!
  • Carpenter Ants are wood destroying insects. They can cause extensive damage, excavating tunnels in your wood frame structure and leaving big piles of frass behind, destroying your home!
  • Carpenter bees will also do damage and destruction to your home, if left untreated. They will bore perfect round holes in fascia boards, decks, railings, etc laying larvae for the next season to come, increasing their population. They will continue to do nose-diving, buzzing, sommer-saults, claiming their territory at your home!
  • Yellow Jackets, Hornets and Wasps love to build nests in places on your property which always seem to be in the way! They will invade your space on a pathway to the back door, underneath a stair deck, near a jacuzzi or pool, or just in a tree or bush! They will threaten family and friends who all enter thru!
  • BATS are creatures of habit. If your home becomes a “BAT HOUSE”, you can guarantee they will be back to roost year after year in your attic, under eaves or in dormers. Bat Guano will accumulate and can cause serious health hazards to you and your family!
  • Rodents, especially this time of year, love to make your home, THEIR home! A rub mark or a chew may be mis-identified by you, the homeowner. A dusty patch in the attic may reveal some footprints. A quiet room may come alive with sounds of scurrying in the walls or floorboards, in and under furniture, in the attic above, or basement below. Musky accumulations of rodent urine may fill your smell! If you can fit a pencil or pen through an opening in your home, you can bet a mouse can fit thru it!

Hennebry Pest Control Services

We offer multiple Comprehensive Service Plans that will protect you home and family in 2016!

Don’t wait till it’s too late for pest control services!

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Pest Control Services in Hackettstown | Warren County Pest Service

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