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We provide any number of services and programs to protect your home or business.
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  • Ticks
  • Spiders
  • Centipedes
  • Millipedes
  • Flying Squirrel Exclusion
  • Grey Squirrel Exclusion
  • Real Estate/ WDI Reports
  • Rodents

All Inclusive
Comprehensive Plan

This yearly preventative program of 365 days is an All Inclusive Plan and provides the most comprehensive service available. This plan covers all pests all year round. It includes unlimited FREE emergency services throughout the year and 3 month quality control EXTERIOR services.

Year Long

This service is designed to control Carpenter Ants. It is geared toward preventative maintenance and control with annual ongoing treatments. It also includes unlimited FREE emergency service.

Year Termite
Protection Plan

Our Annual Exclusive Termite Protection Plan (TPP) offers ongoing inspections when necessary to protect your biggest investment, your home. Termite damage is not covered under any Home Owners Insurance. It is crucial for a homeowner to obtain a certified licensed experienced Pest Control Operator to make sure their home is protected.

Time Service

One time service is available to treat an isolated pest, removal of a bee, hornet or wasp nest, or for the exclusion of rodents. If a condition or pest resurfaces, our longer term service plans will be suggested for preventative maintenance.

Specialty Programs

Bed Bug Programs and

We provide a guarantee to rid your property of these pests. The first sign of bed bug activity is that you would actually see these bugs. Adult bed bugs are about the size and shape of an apple seed. The discovery of case skins can also indicate their presence. Bites may indicate bed bug activity, although other signs need to validate their presence. Due to the nature of these pests, a minimum of three treatments is required 7 to 10 days apart. Please “click” on “Bed Bug” for more information on Bed Bugs and Bug Preparation Procedures.

Stink Bug Treatments

This is a year long plan. Early treatment is essential. Treatments can be more effective the first two weeks of September and typically reduce indoor activity by 90% – 100%. For treatments made later in the fall, the percent reduction will begin to decline. Please “click” on “Stink Bugs” for more information.

Squirrel Exclusion

A careful inspection of structure and roof lines is performed. All points of entry are determined. One-way tunnel, trapping, or both may be required to resolve the issue. One-way tunnel is then removed and structure is sealed.

Real Estate Inspections

We provide property inspections for termites and other wood destroying insects such as carpenter ants, carpenter bees and reinfesting wood boring beetles. A visual inspection is conducted of your home or property in all readily accessible areas, including attics and crawlspaces. The WDIR (Wood Destroying Insect Report) is required for the purchase and sale of a home or property.

Step program
Pest Management Control

Our Unique Comprehensive “7 Step Program” is a complete exterior and interior inspection and treatment of your structure. (diagram below)
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