We recently called Hennebry Pest Solutions because we heard an animal scrambling around in our attic. We called them on a Saturday and set up the initial appointment for Monday. The person who answered the phone was courteous and helpful.

They came on Monday exactly on time and confirmed there was evidence of a squirrel in our attic. A full explanation was given as to what needed to be done to rid the squirrel and prevent if from returning. The price seemed very reasonable so we immediately made an appointment for the work to be completed.

Unfortunately, we had multiple Nor'easters that postponed the work twice. Each time it was postponed, we received a call early, as opposed to after they were supposed to arrive.

When the weather finally cooperated, They returned and did a very thorough job, which required two visits. Everyone who showed up for each part of the job, estimate and completing the work, was courteous and respectful. Dealing with Hennebry Pest was a pleasure.

I would highly recommend Hennebry Pest and would definitely use their services again.

J Kercherson, Lopatcong NJ Apr. 4, 2018

I must say that Phil, Seth, and Jeannie are second to NONE when it comes to Customer Service, Expert Knowledge, and High Class Service. I rarely ever write any reviews ANYWHERE, and I have to say that they all did such an amazing job that I could not resist the urge to come on here and write a review on how HAPPY my wife and I are to have this amazing team service our home. We recently moved into the area and were dealing with bats, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, mice, and a few other nasty little creatures.

Phil came in and sat down at our kitchen table (apologies for the lack of furniture!) and we had an amazing conversation where he both welcomed us into the neighborhood and focused on getting to know us and our needs with Pest Control Services.

Seth did an amazing job in identifying all of the creatures in our home and immediately providing the appropriate remedies to rid us of them! He took special care knowing that we have a 1 year old that needs to touch everything and put it in her mouth! And most importantly, before he even stepped foot in the house, he donned a pair of boot covers so he wouldn't track anything in with him!

Jeannie delivered great Customer Service and follow-up service to make sure we had everything we needed. I can go on and on, but I'll end it here! If you guys read this--Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

P.S. We signed up for the 365 All Inclusive Comprehensive Plan given the area we live in out in Budd Lake. Awesome plan, and very competitive pricing! Trust me, we checked!

David Vargas - Budd Lake NJ Jan. 24, 2018

From 1st call to 1st appointment less than 24 hours. The rats in our house were big enough to leash and walk the block. Quick service was appreciated, follow up service took place 3 days after. These guys are really good.

Jim B - Chester NJ Dec. 7, 2017

The bat and mice remediation went very well. The work was initiated soon after the issue was diagnosed. They explained the process. The remediation worked the first time. Glad to have this corrected. On the pest preventive services, the measures taken seem to be working as I noticed a decline in the spiders on the outside of the house, and no mice in the house. I appreciate the emergency service promise that comes with the annual contract.

Sharon Rozzi – Califon NJ Dec. 4, 2017

Called to schedule an estimate. They were very responsive and Phil came out the next day. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. We went into the attic and checked out the vents and he told me exactly what he would recommend (reinforcing screens, monitoring, etc.). He noted if I was inclined I could do it myself since it was pretty straightforward or I could hire them to do it. I opted to tackle it myself and Phil still walked the rest of the house and gave me some additional recommendations. In my opinion, he gave me a very honest assessment and I’m so glad I called them.

Brian McFadden – Flemington NJ Oct. 17, 2017

Professional and personable.

Marshall Sigall – Califon NJ Sep. 26, 2017

Awesome! Very fast service and very thorough! Very reliable! They prevented bats from entering our home which in turn prevented potential damage and costly repairs. They also educated us on what we can do for future prevention of any kinds of "critters".Greatly appreciate their service and very quick response! Very much recommend their service and very grateful!

Karen Aug. 17, 2017

I was taking furniture out of a house I owned, rarely visited, and was selling. The furniture was to be steam cleaned that day, but Stanley Steamer walked out due to seeing a mouse and a snake in different parts of the home. I was in a bind and needed to have pests removed immediately in order to get those steamers back because we were taking the furniture out of the house the next day. I called at 4:45 pm and was fortunate to get Phillip on the phone. His direct line is listed on line. Hennebry is rated 5 stars on Yelp and now I see why! I was in another part of the state, sick as a dog in bed and told him of my emergency. This charming Irishman took it upon himself to take care of my situation immediately, even though his work day would not soon be over. There are no words for how grateful I am to him and his team!! His work ethic is amazing and the job they did was a professional and efficient one. I recommend Hennebry Pest Solutions as highly as humanly possible! They are AMAZING! Fantastic to work with - and I am now on a regularly scheduled plan so that house never gets to that point again! THANK YOU PHILLIP AND THANK YOU HENNEBRY PEST SOLUTIONS!!!! YOU ARE TERRIFIC!!!!

Lorraine Aug. 17, 2017

Thank you Hennebry Pest Solutions. Your rapid response to my distress call regarding pesky nesting, bees was very reassuring. Your calm expertise has restored order and confidence that, once again, I can access my garden hose without dodging orbiting bee squadrons. Thank you again, and I will certainly recommend your service.

Carol H. Jun. 22, 2017

Excellent! We are considering switching to them from our existing pest control vendor.

Joseph Westlein – Warren NJ Jun. 19, 2017

It is early in the one year contract and the specific pest treatments covered are largely seasonal. Two visits have been made so far including treatments for cave crickets and ants as well as a general diagnostic of infestations. The ant treatment resulted in seeing none in the house which never happened in previous years when no treatments were made. Same with the cave crickets.

Louis Crouch – Long Valley NJ Jun. 12, 2017

The best pest control company out there and one of the very best companies in New Jersey. I'd recommend Hennebry to anyone. Love this company.

Matt Warren May. 1, 2017

Phil immediately informed me that the insects I found were harmless, NOT powder post beetles and no treatment was needed. HONEST and so knowledgeable. I have lived in this 1700’s house for seven years. He explained that the inspection at time of sale would warrant a treatment due to the obvious appearance of old non-active damage. Will definitely have him come back for treatment at that time. Before Phil’s visit, this issue had always been confusing and worrisome. So glad we called Hennebry!

Janice Dugan – Lebanon NJ Mar. 17, 2017

Phil was prompt and courteous and explained several scenarios of what could be making the scratching noise. A few days later, Seth setup traps inside and outside. Both were terrific to work with and explained everything in detail. I am very happy because the scratching has stopped. Went with the year service plan to prevent further issues. They also understood my concern with safety for my pets with how they tackled the problem.

Andrea Bihary – High Bridge NJ Feb. 13, 2017

From 1st call to 1st appointment less than 24 hours. The rats in our house were big enough to leash and walk the block. Quick service was appreciated, follow up service took place 3 days after. These guys are really good.

Jim B. Jan. 17, 2017

They were good and got the job done.

John Pietrangelo – Washington NJ Dec. 29, 2016

These folks are by far the best in the business. Fair, honest, and efficient. I would refer them to anyone that is looking for the best in pest control... look no further!

Scott Dec. 6, 2016

We had an issue with Cave/Spider Crickets in our basement. Obviously upset we called Hennebry's and his receptionist Jeannie assured us that Phil would be at our house by days end. He was, and was very thorough in explaining how they may have gotten inside since we never had as issue with these before. He sprayed inside and out and promised us that they would be eliminated. He saw how upset my wife was regarding these insects and was very kind and reassuring that the problem would be taken care of. We can't thank Phil enough getting to us ASAP and taking care of the issue. We would highly recommend Hennebry Pest Solutions.

Tim Lovett Nov. 4, 2016

Phil Hennebry and staff deserve praise for demonstrating professional, knowledgable and personable service. From phone call to service call they consistently provide responsive, prompt and courteous customer service.

Tricia H Nov. 1, 2016

Hennebry is the best pest control we have ever used. They are professional, affordable, effective and reliaable. Use them and be pest free 5 stars.

DomInick Vespoli Oct. 26, 2016

Everyone at Hennebry Pest Solutions were very pleasant and easy to work with – Phil (owner), Jeanne (office manager) and Seth (technician). Phil did the initial inspection, and he was right on with his assessment of how the pests were getting into the attic. When Seth arrived to work on the exclusion, he did another thorough inspection to make sure that he was doing a complete exclusion. During the inspection, one of the Flying Squirrels left my attic, confirming the identity and the entry point of the pests. Seth completed the exclusion and included a “one way” exit at the entry point. The remaining Flying Squirrels left the attic that night, but couldn’t return, so within a couple of days, all were gone. Seth returned several days later to remove the exit and permanently seal the entry point, which completed the job. Everything was done thoroughly and professionally, and at no time was I sold anything that I didn’t need. I’m totally impressed with the honesty and professionalism of this business, and they are now my “go to people” for any pest control issues.

Robert Houston – Chester NJ Oct. 21, 2016

I would recommend him to anyone for any of his services! I had a problem with african hornets, and he recommended a product to use to correct the situation and then said if that does not work, THEN CALL ME TO TAKE CARE OF THE PROBLEM, In this day and age its great that there are STILL HONEST contractors in the world, he is one of them! Oh yeah, what he recommended worked and i did not have to use him thanks again

Paul Stahl Sep. 16, 2016

I was just planning on getting an estimate at first, but after realizing how experienced Phil is, I felt confident enough to hire him before getting any other bids.

Tiffany N Aug. 23, 2016

Considering I haven’t seen a living cave cricket since he treated my basement, I’d say it went great. I will definitely use Hennebry again for any pest problem I encounter.

Matt McKenna – Long Valley NJ Jul. 7, 2016

Last year they removed a hornet’s nest off our satellite dish. This year they took care of a big ant problem. They are always a pleasure to deal with and are a good family owned business. Very happy!

Barbara Kashork – Belvidere NJ Jun. 6, 2016

Phil and Seth fixed a problem we had a wasps nest within one week of me contacting the company. The job was professionally performed. I recommend Phil and Hennebry Pest Solutions.

Keith Harris Mar. 9, 2016

“Your knowledge, kind nature and work-ethic make your company the exception in today’s world! We look forward to a long working relationship with Hennebry Pest Solutions. Thank you!”

Carolann V. of Morris County, NJ Mar. 5, 2016

We had squirrels trying to get into the attic. They installed a one-way door and they can’t get back in. They also inspected the roof and chimney for any openings.

Bernard Wheatley – Phillispsburg NJ Feb. 4, 2016

Exterminated yellow jackets from house. I will never use another exterminator service. First of all Phil the owner of the company is wonderful. Very professional and definitely knows his stuff. I left a message on his service on Thursday evening. He called me back within minutes. He came the following day and called before he came so I know exactly when he was coming. I had yellow jackets under the siding of my house and they were coming through the heat duct into the bedroom. Phil took care of the problem and a few hours later the bees were gone. I also learned something, never spray bees unless you can see the nest. If all businesses were this good we wouldn’t need Angie’s List!! Thanks Phil.

Christina Salerno Flemington NJ Nov. 6, 2015

Services performed by HENNEBRY on July 19, 2015. Definitely hire again. GOT RID OF BEES! “A” Rating!

Matthew Butler Lebanon NJ Oct. 21, 2015

Professional and answered all my questions. Would hire again.

Jorge G. Sep. 26, 2015

I had Pest Control/Exterminating Services performed by HENNEBRY on August 13, 2015. I would definitely hire again! Overall “A” rating!

Rosemary Fasino Blairstown NJ Sep. 21, 2015

Came by quickly. Very knowledgeable.

Homeowner in Morris Plains Aug. 28, 2015

Hennebry are experts in pest control and they resolved a bee issue in my exterior shingle of my house. Very professional!

Homeowner in Flanders, NJ Jul. 16, 2015

We scheduled an appointment due to some damage on our property we believed to be from a raccoon- for which I was willing to pay anything to take care of as we have two small children outside often. HENNEBRY was very easy to schedule with- came the next morning and were on time. Did a thorough inspection of the property and determined that it was instead a fox that would be unlikely to trap. They did not try to sell me an unnecessary service but instead gave suggestions for keeping the fox from causing further damage. I would definitely hire them should the need arise in the future.

Homeowner in Long Valley, NJ Jul. 14, 2015

Got rid of carpenter bees!

Sean Henriques Hackettstown NJ Jul. 9, 2015

I had carpenter bees under the eaves of the house – at least 20 to 30 bees. They came out on time – did the treatment – and it was a good job. But there were a few bees still around after a week. I called HENNEBRY – and they sent someone out, at NO CHARGE, for a second treatment. They did a great job and I am very satisfied with their work.

Ted Martinko Hampton NJ Jun. 1, 2015

Got rid of all my cave crickets.

Matt McKenna Long Valley NJ May. 27, 2015

Very prompt and professional. Showed up when they said they would. I will use them again in a heartbeat.

Homeowner in Lebanon, NJ May. 23, 2015

They are doing a thorough job of eliminating the bats that were trapped in my attic. They have installed an exit for them where they will not be able to enter anymore.

Homeowner in Basking Ridge May. 2, 2015

Prompt service. Friendly and very helpful. Gave me a couple options and got the job done quickly. Would highly recommend to anyone! I would call them again in a heartbeat for any future services that I might need. Phil and Jeannie, thank you so much!

Ruthanne B. Apr. 26, 2015

Very prompt and pleasant service.

John L. – Newton NJ Apr. 13, 2015

Excellent job! We had bats in the attic and mice in the attic. Phil and his son are experts. They diagnosed how the bats were getting in, and it worked.

Jack Nahama – Hampton NJ Apr. 11, 2015

I had a cave cricket problem, and Hennebry Pest Solutions came out shortly after I arranged for a visit, and treated the infected area. It has been several months and I have not seen any living cave crickets. Considering I haven’t seen a living cave cricket since he treated my basement, I’d say it went great. I will definitely use Hennebry again for any pest problem I encounter.

Matt McKenna Long Valley NJ Mar. 15, 2015

They were called to treat a winged ant problem as well as mice in the attic. Phil showed up right on time, checked the entire house including basement and garage (outside could not be examined due to snow and ice). He explained that the insects were carpenter ants, where they nested, what they are and why we were finding them inside. He noticed bat guano while in the attic and said he would take care of that, too. I purchased the annual plan for $595. (The cheapest? No. Are the cheapest guys the best? Again, no.) He returned the next business day to treat the house, explaining what he was spraying and why and making sure the cats stayed away until the spray dried. He will treat the outside of the house as soon as the weather permits. He was fast, efficient, effective and thorough – exactly what I look for in a service provider.

Kathy Van Kooy – Hackettstown NJ Feb. 25, 2015

Excellent job. We had bats in the attic. Phil and his son are experts. They diagnosed how the bats were getting in and it worked. He fixed Mice and bat problems.

Jack Nahama Hampton, NJ Feb. 11, 2015

Call Hennebry Solutions LLC. I highly recommend them. We had a bat in our home last year and since the company we were using at the time did not deal with bats, we decided to find a local company who did. Phil Hennebry took my call on a Saturday night. He put my fears at ease after explaining everything to me. We are now using them for our Pest Control needs. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional, easy to deal with and go above and beyond. Good Luck!

HIGH DEF WATER/I.McHugh Independence NJ Feb. 5, 2015

Living in Green Township, there is an expectation of wildlife. I called Phil because we started hearing rustling at 12am, 3am in 3 areas of our upstairs bedrooms. He came out and inspected the attic- twice and we are scheduled for a third!! Phil inspected at the first appointment and found signs of some small rodent activity, but assured me that we did not have any kind of infestation. Then, he inspected the exterior for areas that could allow for entry. When he returned with one of his guys, they re-inspected the attic again, made patches in at least 2 places and set traps – just in case some creatures get stuck inside the attic after they sealed everything from the outside. I have a third appointment for Phil to come back and check/remove the traps. On the outside, they used a ladder and moved the ladder every 6 feet to get to the very top of my very tall house and used a product that deters both bats and mice from entering the space between the stucco and gutter/roof line. They also patched 2 places on the roof where the gutter and roof don’t meet and was gaping. Highly recommended!

Jennifer Bernstein Andover NJ Jan. 3, 2015

Hennebry Pest Solutions has always performed exceptional service when we needed help getting rid of all types of insects and “critters”. Phil promptly returns phone calls, keeps his appointments, and completes the job to our satisfaction. He is knowledgeable, courteous, and very respectful of our home and pets. We think Hennebry Pest Solutions is the best company in this business, and we highly recommend them.

June Jeske – Califon NJ Nov. 27, 2014

They are very, very good. I would highly recommend them. He has done 2 jobs for me and both times had been very satisfactory. He came when he said he was going to come and he was very personable. I do know that the cost was very fair. I was comfortable with what I paid for his service. He was extremely responsive. At both times I called them, he has responded right away. He came when it was needed and he got the work done very professionally. The price was fair.

Vincent Arecchi – Long Valley NJ Nov. 20, 2014

Found a yellow jacket nest on the morning of our house warming party. He came immediately and took care of the problem efficiently and effectively. I would definitely hire again.

Kevin D. – Flanders NJ Nov. 11, 2014

Phil Hennebry always gets the job done! Excellent and efficient! 100% satisfied!

Louis Leone Nov. 4, 2014

Phil Hennebry inspected house outside and inside (attic) for possible squirrel entry points at the first appointment. On our the second appointment Phil together with Dave inspected the roof with dormers along with the roof line for entry points, and repaired 4 possible squirrel entries with a sturdy wire mesh, the 5th entry they outfitted with a one way metal mesh, to allow a possible squirrel to escape but to prevent re-entry.
In the past, perhaps 6 years ago, we suspect to have had squirrels in the walls, but were unable to get rid of them using several pest solution companies and paying hundreds of dollars. At that time the squirrel(s) not only bred in the walls but also died there, leaving maggots, along with lots and lots of aggravation. This fall, we noticed scratching again. We found Phil Hennebry online, this time looking for a family owned business. Phil was very responsive, personable and he knew exactly the aggravation that one experiences hearing that 5am scratching and thumping noise. He and Dave were very punctual, and willing to work around my busy work schedule. We have not heard any noises since he squirrel proved the roof. Additionally, Dave noticed that some of the wood around our dormers was starting to get soft, so we were advised to replace small areas of the dormer walls sometime in the future, which we sure will, now that we know. I am confident, that all our issues were taken care of, and we will be squirrel free for a long time into the future. Any pest issues, we will be calling him back, that’s for sure.

Gabi Tremml – Chatham NJ Oct. 18, 2014

Although the job was a little expensive, it appears that the wasps are gone. All in all, I am happy that I employed this company and have confidence that I won’t need to call them back.

Dave G. – Newton NJ Oct. 8, 2014

Phil was very thorough in the the job he did as well as his explanation of services provided. He is a true professional. I would recommend Hennebry Pest Solutions.

Steve Poweska – Blairstown NJ Oct. 6, 2014

I wanted to take a moment to let others know what a wonderful company Hennebry’s Pest Solutions LLC is to deal with. I was having a huge issue with yellow jackets moving into the walls of my home, and breaking through to the interior. As you might imagine this was an incredibly unpleasant experience. I was nervous about the bees, the turn around time to get such a problem solved, and the cost. I was put at ease immediately. I called for an estimate was scheduled within 48 hours and was greeted by knowledgable and kind professional. The cost was fair and what I thought was just going to be a fly by estimate turned out to be the solution to my bee problem. Hennebry’s got to work right then and there and I was able to feel comfortable in my space again. Everyone from the first phone call to the actual treatment and follow up were beyond kind and helpful. I would highly recommend this local business. I plan on using them in the future if any new pests infest.
Thank you Hennebry’s!

Saskia Castelomendes – Hackettstown NJ Sep. 27, 2014

I have a quarterly service plan. I have been using them for a little over a year now an I am very happy with my choice. The owner is outstanding and is passionate about his work. I have used another pest control provider previously and was so unhappy with their service.

I hired Hennebry in 2013 when I had really bad issues with Yellow Jackets in 2013 and the previous provider did not handle the problem. Hennebry managed to find 4 large nests on my property and took care of the issue. This year I do not have the issue. I use him for my quarterly service and really notice the difference. I was finally able to enjoy my summer in my backyard with the humming birds and “good” non-aggressive bumble bees.

Cheryl Arrowood – Bernardsville NJ Sep. 4, 2014

It went terrific. By the next day all the bees were gone – never to return.

Rosemary Fasino – Blairstown NJ Sep. 2, 2014

He came out on short notice and was very thorough with his inspection. I am very pleased with his service and will continue to use this company.

Homeowner – Independence NJ Aug. 20, 2014

Very professional and very efficient.

Nancy K. – Towaco NJ Aug. 13, 2014

I called Hennebry when I discovered large holes in the fascia board. Phil came out and told me I had an issue with woodpeckers. He recommended spraying the house, but warned me they would eventually return. The birds were gone the day after he sprayed, and they stayed away for almost two years.

They call when they say they are going to call, and show up when they say they will be there. We have been extremely happy with the knowledge and service Hennebry provides.

Brian Blejwas Aug. 12, 2014

We cannot speak highly enough of Hennebry Pest Solutions. It is a professional company with friendly, knowledgeable people. Response time is quick and work is done efficiently. We had a problem with bats and then hornets. Fabulous people to hire!

Jan Romanczyk – Hackettstown Aug. 8, 2014

I have nothing but good things to say about Hennebry Pest Solutions. We recently moved to the area and into a new home, when I discovered a nest of carpenter bees had eaten a hole through my laundry room wall! Based on the glowing online reviews, I contacted Hennebry, and Phil called me back within 10 minutes. After hearing the situation, Brian was at my house within 45 minutes of my call! Brian was so professional, efficient and very concerned with making sure my home was safe for my family. Phil followed up immediately after the job was done to make sure I was satisfied and to answer any additional questions I may have had. Great experience!!

Katy Pisick – Chatham Jul. 31, 2014

Got rid of bees that found a home under the siding near our front door. It went terrific. By the next day all the bees were gone-never to return.

Rosemary Fasino – Blairstown NJ Jul. 1, 2014

We won’t know the answer to quality of work until we have ascertained that the treatment they did was effective.

Marcial M. – Hopatcong NJ Jun. 25, 2014

Phil provided excellent, friendly and prompt service for us. We never knew we could have a bat in the house and Phil took the time to explain the situation and remove the bat. Wouldn’t go anywhere else for animal control. Thank you!

Becky Jun. 14, 2014

I have a quarterly service plan. I have been using them for a little over a year now and I am very happy with my choice. The owner is outstanding and is passionate about his work. I have used another pest control provider previously and was so unhappy with their service. |I hired Hennebry in 2013 when I had really bad issues with Yellow Jackets in 2013 and the previous provider did not handle the problem. Hennebry managed to find 4 large nests on my property and took care of the issue. This year I do not have the issue. I use him for my quarterly service and really notice difference. I was able to finally enjoy my summer in my backyard with the humming birds and “good” non-aggressive bumble bees.

Cheryl Arrowood – Bernardsville NJ Jun. 2, 2014

Phil has provided outstanding service for me for several years. He is prompt, personable, trustworthy and professional. I recommend him and his company without reservation.

Stephen Sepaniak May. 23, 2014

I have had Phil and his team over to our home for the last 4 years, and they are always on time, very professional, and is concerned about our pets. Not only has his treatments eliminated the problem but, his maintenance has also kept us from seeing any more pests or insects. The joke is “Don’t touch our house or you may be killed too.” His products that he uses are very effective. If I may say, Please use his service and you will be as satisfied as we are. His ‘Neighborly” approach is very refreshing. He’ s like one of the family who now drops by for a visit now and then.
Thank You Phil, for all your help.
P.S. Phil also rhymes with kill lol.

Thomas O’Donnell May. 22, 2014

HENNEBRY PEST SOLUTIONS called me within minutes of my search for a company to help me with my situation. They arrived at my house within an hour. It could not have gone any better. Everyone was Extremely friendly. Would highly recommend HENNEBRY and would hire them again. They are the best!!!!

Homeowner – Phillipsburg NJ May. 17, 2014

Hennebry Pest Control called me within minutes of my search for a company to help me with my situation. They arrived at my house within an hour! It could not have gone any better. Everyone was Extremely friendly. Would highly recommend Hennebry and would hire them again! They are The Best!!!!! ★★★★★ 5.0

Customer – Phillipsburg NJ May. 17, 2014

In one case, I had bees in my garage and they came in and cleared that out. In the other case, I had the large boring bees and they had nested in the overhang, and he took care of that and cleared that out.They are very, very good. I would recommend them highly. He has done 2 jobs for me and both times had been very satisfactory. He came when he said he was going to come and he was very personable. I do know that the cost was very fair. I was comfortable with what I paid for his service. He was extremely responsive. At both times I called them, he has responded right away. He came when it was needed and he got the work done very professionally. The price was fair.

Vincent Arecchi Long Valley NJ Apr. 10, 2014

“Good old fashioned ‘on time’ service” is the PERFECT description of my experience with Hennebry Pest Solutions. Phil is knowledgeable, personable, and prompt. Any time I have called, Phil has come to my house within 24 hours to resolve the issue. Each time he follows up to be sure the problem is truly resolved in a lasting way. I could not recommend Hennebry Pest Solutions more highly!

Melissa Charych Mar. 28, 2014

I would like to take this opportunity to share how much I appreciate the prompt, professional, and courteous service given to us by Philip Hennebry.
I contacted Hennebry Pest Service on a weeknight at 9:30pm about bats flying in the basement. Phil answered the phone right away, and showed up first thing in the morning to do the inspection. Phil determined quickly the bat entry point, and bat proofed the space the same day. My children and I were very pleased to be “bat free,” and I am pleased with the communication, focus on prevention, and the reasonable cost for the service. I highly recommend Hennebry Pest Solutions LLC. On a scale from 1-10–it’s a 10! Great Service!

Lori – Mt. Olive Township Mar. 20, 2014

I called Hennebry late Sunday night about an animal in the basement. They arrived the next morning, identified the problem and the raccoon was trapped by that evening. They were prompt, courteous and very efficient!! I consider it fortunate that I found their listing and would recommend them to everyone.

Tricia M. – Chester NJ Feb. 12, 2014

Tony Cantaffa

Tony Cantaffa Nov. 21, 2013

I am pleased to recommend Hennebry Pest Solutions. Our large house was invaded by a pesky and evasive squirrel that caused considerable havoc. The large rodent literally attacked my wife climbing up the back of her shirt as she made coffee one morning! Things were dire. We were at wits end when I called Phil who called back immediately, came to our house that day and worked with us the following three days trying different strategies, traps and devices until we finally caught the cunning varmint. Phil was very responsive, creative and knowledgeable. If not for him, the Red Squirrel would be commandeering a large portion of our home. I would strongly recommend Hennebry Pest Solutions.

Howard Nov. 10, 2013

GET RID OF YOUR STINK BUGS!!! I was convinced there was no way to get rid of these annoying bugs until I called Hennebry. Phil assured me he had a solution, and he was right. He came out the same day I called, sprayed the entire exterior of the house and by the next day there were hundreds dead. (It’s been over a month and they are still dying.) Phil was very efficient, professional and I highly recommend his company to everyone.

Re Oct. 28, 2013

I was pleasantly surprised to not only get extermination services but also to receive a complete lesson and a followup phone call. I have recommended this company to my friends and will definitely use this company again for future extermination needs.

Sandy Oct. 24, 2013

I can not tell you how great Hennebry Pest Solutions is. We live in the middle of the woods and were constantly battling insects and spiders, my wife even wanted to sell our house. We had one of the big pest companies coming and spraying and nothing changed, absolutely nothing. The first time Phil came we saw results. As he analyzed the situation he altered the applications and completely eliminated the insects, most notably the gigantic wolf spiders that terrorized my wife. I was really busy and I did not call Phil back to schedule my appointment and we missed our last application, we started seeing the spiders surface again. That further proved to me that what he does really makes the difference. I called him and he said he would be right over. I am positive the spiders will be gone in no time.

Alex Pribula Sep. 5, 2013

Control or Eliminate Small Animals
Best of the best! 5 star.

Parsippany, NJ Aug. 20, 2013

I keep your “brochure” on my refrigerator and your business card in my purse – if that is any rating criteria =); I have already recommended your company to all my family and friends. I could not believe how quickly you arrived and were able to eradicate the hornets nest – watching you in action was certainly educational and you took the time to explain what you were doing, why you were doing it and what to expect afterwards – TOP NOTCH!!

D Albright Aug. 15, 2013

Pest Control – Bugs & Insects.
It was the quick response and service provided.

Miroslav P. – Randolph, NJ Aug. 13, 2013

Control or Relocate Birds or Bats: We had an emergency and left a message on a Sunday. Phil returned our call within the hour and came to look at our house that afternoon. The project required a bit more work and he worked with our electrician to come back the next day and finish up. I couldn’t have been happier with his service. 5 star.

Madison, NJ Aug. 13, 2013

What a nightmare to discover a hornets nest over my patio – under the deck – nestled in there so well I didn’t see them – my grandson & his friend doing cleanup here yesterday saw them – I did a search and found Hennebry – before I even finished typing the info in the phone rang – and Phil said he would be out today by 2:00 (it’s the Sunday following July 4) – never expected anyone to show up so soon. Would more than recommend Hennebry – prompt – courteous – efficient and very knowledgeable. Keeping his card on the frig!!!!

Diane Jul. 4, 2013

I had something making noise in my attic. So, I used the YP and found Hennebry Pest Solutions and read all the great reviews, so I gave Phil a call. He answered the phone and told me he would be there in a few hours. His quick response and identifying the issue was amazing. He is extremely friendly and understands the home owners concerns. He called me daily to see if I heard anything in the traps and stopped by once I hear something to remove the animal from my home. Phil is terrific and trust worthy and I would recommend him to anyone.

Debbie – NJ May. 19, 2013

Phil is the best in the business. Honest, professional, and here when I need him.

BethKT Apr. 15, 2013

I have used a number of different pest control companies over the years and Hennebry is by far the best I have come across. Phil is a great guy – very professional, honest, reliable and friendly. Their work is top notch and if you ever have a need that pops up (bees nest discovery or whatever)…they are so quick to respond and take care of whatever you need. I am a very happy customer and I highly recommend Hennebry Pest Control!

MonicaLSmith Apr. 4, 2013

Excellent company owner is the best!

johnnyjumpon Mar. 7, 2013

I cannot even express to you my deepest gratitude by coming to our home so late on a Sunday evening to help us with our rodent issues in our attic. I did not expect you to come tonight but I must express that you saved me from a sleepless night and thank you so very much for your kindness, professionalism and for being Humane. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend your services to anyone I know who is in need of your services.

Again, thank you so very much for going above and beyond and I wish that there were more companies out there for any household need or service that responds immediately on a Sunday evening. Mike will be posting a very positive review of your company straight away. Thank you once again and have a lovely evening.

Michele and Michael Dugan Jan. 27, 2013

After moving to NJ 5 years ago, and being new to Morris County, I placed a call into Hennebry Pest Solutions, after multiple calls to other pest control companies who did not return my calls with 24 hours, as promised, and if they did, could not schedule an appointment within the week.. I was having a problem with bats in the attic. Phil returned my call immediately and was able to come out to the house the next day. He was most informative, courteous and knowledgeable in his field and made me feel at ease and comfortable with his action and treatment to rid the house of bats entering in thru eaves in the attic. Since then I have had Phil come back to the property and treat for mice, carpenter bees and ants. Both Phil and his son Brian are personable and highly trained and educated in their field and most importantly HONEST and PROFESSIONAL in all aspects of their business. I would highly recommended Hennebry Pest Solutions for all your unwanted guests in your home above all other competitors. I will continue to use Hennebry Pest Solutions in the future for these reasons. His expertise in the field, continued personable service, reasonable pricing and immediate action to control and rid a pest problem in your home makes him a superior asset in his field. I highly recommend Hennebry pest Solutions to all.

New Homeowner, Long Valley NJ Oct. 11, 2012

We have been doing business with Hennebry Pest Solutions for the past two years. Went through one winter 3 years ago when the stink bugs took over our house. I had my doubts as to the ability of anyone to actually get this problem under control, as I’d read up on these pests and was convinced there was no hope. A friend recommended Phil Hennebry and I am so glad she did! This is not someone showing up with a spray canister working for some mega company; this is his own business and he takes pride in his work. He enthusiastically explained the problem followed quickly and professionally by a SUCCESSFUL remedy. We have been stink bug free for 2 years now. I would recommend Hennebry Pest Solutions to anyone.

S.S.Kralc Sep. 25, 2012

Hennebry Pest Solutions has saved my home from a stink bug infestation in the past. The service level was very high and the results were exceptional. I will rely on Hennebry Pest Solutions again this year to prevent these annoying pests from invading my home. The stink bug treatments were the best investment I ever made!

chester2012 Aug. 20, 2012

I would recommend Hennebry Pest Solutions to anyone trying to find the most honest assessment for their money. Phil is courteous, professional and straightforward when assessing the necessary and most cost-effective solutions for pest control and as a customer, I was confident that the job would be completed with a positive outcome. When Phil arrived at the appointed time, I was more than surprised. In this day and age, it is refreshing to deal with a local company that is not only on-time but delivers the promised results. That being said,my problem was solved and I would give them 5 stars.

jentiman Apr. 10, 2012

Hennebry Pest Solutions is the best!!! Both Phil & Brian are very professional & knowledgeable. They were on time and were very thorough in getting rid of the bugs at my house. 5 stars all the way! I would not hesitate to recommend Hennebry Pest Solutions to anyone for their pest solution needs.

tan2301 Aug. 3, 2011

Best pest control services I have dealt with. Very professional and courteous services. Have recommended their services to my neighbor and they are already using him. Keep up the honesty and great work!!

sap2170 Jul. 25, 2011

Hennebry was recommended to me by a friend of mine who works in the housing industry. I have now recommended Hennebry to at least a half dozen neighbors and friends and will continue to recommend them. They are professional, friendly, fair and always available to answer your questions and needs. They were very thorough and not only showed us what they did but why they did it. We are very pleased with ALL of the work they have done for us.

VTJM14 Jul. 8, 2011

Phil and Brian did work at my house and got rid of the bugs they said they would. They were on time, explained exactly what the issue was and how they were going to treat it. They are both very professional, reliable and neat. I have had many larger companies come to my house who missed the mark on what the issue was and just tried to sell us things we didn’t need. I will only use Hennebry Pest solutions for all of my pest control needs.

FWM10 May. 25, 2011

Hennebry Pest Solutions has been a wonderful addition to our home care. For years we have used larger companies and have been satisfied but my husband was looking to switch to a more natural approach with chemicals only as needed. Hennebry was the answer. Living in the middle of the woods I have to admit that I was very skeptical but this family run business has gone above and beyond to impress me. My husband and I are both very happy and would recommend to anyone.

hoff123 Apr. 26, 2011

The Hennebry Team has helped us out with more than one problem on several occasions. Phil and Brian are professional, knowledgeable, innovative, but most of all results oriented. They bring honesty and business ethics to their service. I would highly recommend them. They were also intuitive enough to know I was uncomfortable and reassured us that the problem would be taken care of…and it was. Rates are reasonable and you definitely get what you pay for. Thanks for great service.

1LVFan Apr. 3, 2011

Phil came to my house on time! Shut up! In this day and age for someone to show up at all, let alone on time is amzaing. And guess what….he did a great job with my stink bugs. They were all over my house last week and now they are dying off.
I would highly recommend Hennebry Pest Solutions. Not many people out there in this day and age that care, like Phil did!

yravenel Apr. 1, 2011

Phil and Brian are caring professionals that solve your bug problems expeditiously. They arrive equipped to eliminate your concerns. It was good to use a professional. 5 stars.

Bill0505 Jan. 24, 2011

I have utlized Phil Hennebry’s varied services, along with his son Brian, on many occasions over a couple of years. He and his son are straight forward, easy to work with, and accountable. They are committed to client satisfaction and have been effective in every respect.

Jaytierney Nov. 10, 2010

Not only is Hennebry Pest Solutions the hands down most professional, competent and knowledgeable pest service I have utilized, they are the best service I subscribe to overall. I wish my lawn care service, auto maintenance service, etc. were all as thorough and easy to deal with as Hennebry.

These days people are lucky to get what they pay for. With Hennebry you get more than what you pay for. You are getting a complete job done 100% right the first time from a family owned and operated business with decades of experience and a genuine concern for their customers’ needs. Once you go with these guys, you will be recommending them to your friends, guaranteed. 5 stars.

p_pand28 Oct. 14, 2010

I have been using Hennebry Pest Solutions for a year now . They are a family business that operates with the greatest of integrity and work ethic. Very courteous, very dependable and extremely competent. You will not be taken advantage of with Hennebry. Thanks guys and keep up the great work. 5 stars.

peteralai Sep. 10, 2010

After years of disapointing Pest Control service we switched to Hennebry Pest Solutions. Hennebry finally resolved our mouse and ant problem. On a few hours notice on a Saturday morning before my daugthers 1st birthday party they took down a hornets hest in our back yard.
The staff are great , very friendly and will make your home safe from unwanted friends.

Brendan Moynihan – Mendham, NJ Jul. 10, 2010