Hackettstown Squirrel Removal


Hackettstown Squirrel Removal

With more squirrels THIS YEAR, there’s an increased risk that they will find their way into YOUR ATTIC OR HOME! They will go from being a backyard nuisance to an indoor hazardous pest!



Squirrels can damage siding, fascia boards, soffits, chimney flashing, gable vents, and even various types of exhaust fans as they search for entry points in your home. Squirrels love to stay in an attic or soffit. They will find a small opening and will chew a wider hole to gain access in your structure. They are known to fall down a chimney flue or down a interior or exterior wall from your attic. Once in the attic or crawl space, or even your walls, they will build nests where they create a mess with urine and droppings. These droppings smell bad and pose a bio-hazardous risk. Their smell will also attract new squirrels. Squirrels will make quite a bit of noise scurrying around inside your home and caching nuts. You will hear them mostly in the morning and evening. They will chew on support beams, roof braces, and through electrical wires, or power lines creating a potential fire hazard. They will destroy your insulation by tramping down on it and cause damage to drywall by digging holes in it. Squirrels will also destroy your furniture or other household contents if they get into your living areas.


As Mother Nature brings in the colder weather, you, the homeowner, should be aware of strange scurrying and scratching noises!


Gray squirrel breeding occurs in December thru February and May through June. If there is no food around them, they will travel for miles and then set up home nearby. If they find a way into your attic, this will BE their home. Squirrels can pull apart terra cotta and slate roofs. They can chew straight through quality shingles and sturdy wood to gain access into your home. They can chew through aluminum fascia and louvered aluminum gable vents. Squirrels have a biting power of 7,500 pounds per square inch! If you hear lots of scratching and noises, it could be a sign that squirrels have set up nest. A female squirrel may be preparing to have her young!


Flying Squirrels can occur in much greater numbers then the Grey Squirrel. These pests are nocturnal. They are smaller and can go into very tiny holes and gaps in your home. They can jump 150 feet or more depending on the starting height. Flying squirrels are extremely social and love to live in a colony in your attic. This means, if you have one flying squirrel, you most likely have alot more!


HENNEBRY PEST SOLUTIONS LLC specializes in Squirrel Removal and Exclusion. Careful inspection of all entry and exit points is conducted on your structure. Exclusion work is a process and may take more than one visit before all rodents have been excluded. Once the exclusion process is complete, the structure is sealed so that the squirrels do not re-enter.


Don’t wait till a whole family of squirrels are unwanted guests in your home!



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