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Succasunna Millipede Exterminator


They gather on porches and patios.

They climb the foundation of your home and find their way in.

They enter thru basement doors and windows, crawlspace vents, and garage doors.

They are found in damp places eating damp things.

Damp conditions can lead to messy “Millipede Invasions” in your home caused by rapid breeding rates! When a millipede feels like it is in danger, it will coil its body into a tight spiral, protecting its belly. This is how you can find and identify them.

Millipedes normally live outdoors in damp places. They live in flowerbeds and gardens. You can find them under mulch, under glass clippings, or under piles of dead leaves. Millipedes also live under shed structures or under outside dog houses. They thrive where the soil is damp. They eat decaying wood particles and dead leaves that they find.

Millipedes are also known to migrate after a heavy rain has flooded their habitant and find their way indoors. They are found usually in basements which are dark and undisturbed and can be very active. They can hide under furniture or boxes of stored items. Crawl spaces are excellent millipede habitants. As they move around, they can enter structures in great numbers. They will crawl under doors that have missing weather stripping or crawl up thru crawl spaces thru your floor. Kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms are ideal habitants for millipedes because of the moisture in these rooms. They will travel to other areas as well.


Don’t wait till your ” Messy Millipede” infestation gets out of hand!


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