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Landing Centipede Exterminator

They seem to come out of nowhere…with wiggly bodies and “hundreds of legs!”

They “wiggle out” of your drains or bathtubs or “wiggle in” your cupboards in the morning!

They move quickly and scurry away into dark, damp areas of your home when you approach them!

Centipedes have a pair of poisonous claws behind their head! They use the poison to paralyze their prey, usually small insects. The rare individuals who do get bitten, experience localized swelling and pain no worse than a bee sting.

The House Centipede can be found outside structures, under stones, boards, or sticks, or beneath most leaf litter and other organic matter. They live in damp areas such as closets, moist cellars, bathrooms, and attics. Eggs are laid in damp areas, in baseboards of your home, or beneath bark in firewood. They are also found beneath concrete slabs, inside cement block walls, in floor drains without water traps, under cardboard boxes that are stored, and in any damp, cool, locations such as crawl spaces. When disturbed, they move swiftly toward darkened hiding places.

House centipedes feed on silverfish, firebrats, carpet beetle larvae, cockroaches, spiders and other small arthropods. If you see these centipedes, it may indicate they you may have other pests in abundance and you, the homeowner, may have a greater problem!

If you think you may have an infestation, you may also have an underlying moisture problem in your foundation which should be corrected.

Don’t get wigged out!

Call HENNEBRY PEST SOLUTIONS LLC to rid your home of these

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