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Morris County Hornet Exterminator


A large paper nest and workers are a true sign of hornet activity around your home. These stinging insects are most active during the day. They will build their aerial nests made of paper in tree tops, hanging from bushes, under roofs, decks, eaves of your home , in sheds or garages, or in hollow tree trunks that are raised off the ground. A colony begins in the Spring. A queen lays a single egg inside each cell as she begins to build her nest. These eggs hatch into larvae and eventually become workers that help to further expand the nest. As many as 700 workers may live in one nest. A Hornets hive can resemble a deflated soccer ball and can grow as large as a basketball within a number of months! A hive can also resemble a large paper-like football!
Hornets are aggressive species. They defend their colonies fiercely with an internal alarm called “pheromone” and can get an entire nest to attack. Killing one hornet close to its hive can be extremely dangerous! They are known to sting multiple times. For these reasons, it is important to contact a Pest Management Professional (PMP) to remove a hornets’ nest from your property, professionally and effectively, for the safety of you and your family.



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