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Bernardsville Stink Bug Treatment

………. those scarey looking pre-historic “STINK BUGS” or “shield bugs” that seem to come out of the woodwork, creeping out behind draperies and curtains in your home and invading every nook and cranny!

They will fly around you and even share your bed! Having a whole army of them in your home will test all your senses. Their name alone makes us want to avoid them! Stink Bugs got their name because they release a smelly repugnant odor when they’re protecting themselves from other bugs or when you crush them. Their smell is also attractive to other stink bugs, who will follow and invade your home. Their odor can last for 4 to 6 months! These pests are lured to light at first. When they get into your home, they find that it is nice and warm.Stink bugs are not able to make heat to keep themselves warm. They must rely on your cozy home or warm weather to heat them up. They will also look for areas which will keep them out of danger. Dark, warm isolated corners of your home are preferred.

Stink bugs will appear in your home when temperatures begin to cool. They will find their way into your home through small cracks, windows, doors, vents, and chimneys. They want to hide and wait out the cold winter months. Once the winter is over and warmer temperatures return, stink bugs will emerge and try to get back outside. They will not even THANK YOU for your hospitality!

Once Stink bugs are inside your home, they are not planning to go anywhere! Your best bet for keeping these intrusive pests out of your home is to contact a Pest Management Professional.(PMP). Preventative Maintenance Treatments are administered to control these pests beginning in late summer.





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