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Do you see a “paper-like comb nest” which opens downward and is not covered…….in the eave of your home? Beneath a window ledge or porch roof? Or even on a tree limb on your property?
All wasps build nests. In the Springtime, from March until the beginning of June, queen wasps emerge from hibernation and start building new nests. Colony workers collect paper and wood fibers in their mouths, including pieces of weathered fences, telephone poles and cardboard boxes. They mix these fibers with saliva and use this paste to construct their nest. Wasps use these nests for breeding and raising offspring. Over the spring and early summer, the nest will grow in size. By mid June, wasps will be walking all over the outside of their nest as they repair and expand its size until autumn. Each nest can hold 11,000 to 13,000 workers!
You, the homeowner, will know if you have a wasp nest when you see a constant stream of wasps to and from the nest. One will take off, as another will land, resembling “traffic control” at an airport! A social wasp in distress emits a pheromone that sends nearby colony members into a “stinging frenzy”. This is very dangerous to you and your family as wasps can sting repeatedly.
Wasps are considered some of the most dangerous species of stinging Vespidae. If you have any wasp activity or see a nest in and around your home, a Pest Management Professional (PMP) is needed to treat and remove the nest safely and effectively.



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