Don’t Bumble With Bees…….. This Spring!

Don’t Bumble With Bees…….. This Spring!


Do you hear a loud buzzing sound coming from nowhere? Chances are it is not a small saw. It is probably those nasty intimidating large black and yellowcarpenter bees! They cause a problem for homeowners from Spring to Fall. They bore long tunnels into wood and prefer to nest there causing major damage to any kind of wood structure in your home. This may include a shed, deck, porch ceilings, eaves, siding, windowsills, doors etc. You will see little piles of sawdust beneath a perfect round, half-inch wide entry hole to the nest. They choose to reuse their nests from the previous year.

Male Carpenter Bees are aggressive and will chase anything that gets near his nest. He performs intimidating aerial acrobatics that feel threatening. For this reason, it is important to obtain a Pest Management Professional to treat your home if you see any activity before damage is excessive and costly. CALL HENNEBRY PESTSOLUTIONS LLC for a FREE ESTIMATE today!

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