Carpenter Ants


They start swarming and tunneling in the Spring! This can be a sure sign that a colony is nesting somewhere in your home!

These are the most conspicuous of ants found in and around homes during Springtime and when the weather becomes warmer. They are large and typically blackish or very dark-bodied. Workers vary greatly in size, from 1/4 to about 3/4 inch long.

Carpenter Ants excavate galleries of wood which somewhat resemble the work of termites. These galleries have a clean, smooth and sandpapered appearance. The galleries are hollowed in moist or unsound wood. Carpenter Ants do not use wood for food , but hollow it out for nesting. Both indoor and outdoor nesting can occur, weaken buildings, and can cause serious damage and costly repairs to your home or structure. They will contaminate food. They are unsightly and unwanted pests inside and outside of your home.

The best way to control Carpenter Ants is to find and destroy the nests. This is easier said then done. Oftentimes, this is difficult or impossible for the homeowner to do. For this reason , a pest management professional (PMP) is called to the rescue. Call HENNEBRY PEST SOLUTIONS LLC at the first sight of these wood-destroying pests before damage is extensive and your repairs to your home are too costly! 908-578-0726


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