Hennebry Halts Havoc In Long Valley, NJ

Long Valley Squirrel ProblemsHOMEOWNER BEWARE:
One GOOD reason squirrels come to the ground is to bury and retrieve food. They will dig small holes in the ground called caches, in the Fall. In these caches they deposit food, especially nuts and acorns. Squirrels may dig these small holes and deposit thousands of nuts and acorns during a season. During this time of year (winter), when food is scarce, the squirrel descends to the ground and digs up its treasures. When the weather in Long Valley turns cold and food becomes more scarce, they will look for food in warmer places….your home!
Squirrels are considered pests when they enter homes and buildings to nest during the winter months. With an increased population of squirrels, there is an increased risk they will find their way into your attic or home. When this happens, they go from being a backyard nuisance to an indoor hazardous pest! Red Squirrels are the most likely culprit inside homes, along with flying squirrels.
Squirrels may damage siding, soffits, chimney flashing, fascia boards, and different types of exhaust fans, as they search for entry points. Once in the attic or room in your home, they can build nests where they create a mess with droppings and urine. Squirrels take a spray approach when expelling their waste. They urinate almost constantly as they run around. Their urine contains pheromones which signal to other squirrels. For this reason, it is not unusual to have more than one varmint enter your home. Squirrels can chew through electrical wires, creating a potential fire hazard. They can destroy furniture or other household contents if they get into living areas.

Squirrels can be extremely nasty and dangerous if threatened, and a challenge to control. Hennebry Pest Solutions can eliminate your rodent pests in a professional, knowledgeable, and effective manner. Identifying entry points in your home is crucial. The squirrels’ schedule and habits should be noted. Determining the number of squirrels, and if they have young nesting is essential for accomplishing the most effective means of exclusion for the homeowner. Hennebry Pest Solutions performs Squirrel trapping and removal in Long Valley, Chester, Mendham, Bedminster, Chatham, Basking Ridge, Bernardsville, Allamuchy, and surrounding neighborhoods in Morris County.

It is essential to ensure that your home is thoroughly cleaned after any squirrel infestation you may have.
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