Randolph Groundhog Trapping & Removal – Rodent Control In Randolph New Jersey

Randolph Groundhog Removal

Groundhogs, also known as Woodchucks, can be quite a nuisance in the Randolph NJ area. Groundhogs like to burrow underground, leaving the soil weak in areas where they choose to be most active. These rodents like to burrow 2 to 4 feet underground. Their burrows may also extend horizontally 15 to 25 feet or more. They will gnaw on things, and eat various grasses, clover, alfalfa, and tender green succulents. All these things can cause a problem to you, the homeowner. Many times groundhogs will situate themselves beneath your home, patio, garage, or stored lumber. Groundhog burrows have been known to damage the foundations of barns, garages, or even your home! One or two groundhogs are capable of ruining a small garden almost overnight! Their presence and intentions can spell disaster!
are most active in early Spring during the warmest parts of the morning and afternoon. They like to chew on things to keep their forever-growing teeth at a manageable size so they can eat. They are excellent diggers. Groundhogs can be known to destroy parts of your home, although serious damage is quite rare. They are notorious for eating crops. If you suspect you have a groundhog problem, a Pest Management Professional (PMP) can help.

HENNEBRY PEST SOLUTIONS LLC specializes in Groundhog Trapping and Removal in Randolph, NJ . We also serve Hackettstown, Long Valley, Mendham, Chester, Mount Olive, Bernardsville, Bedminster, and surrounding neighborhoods in Morris, Warren and Sussex Counties.

Don’t get tunneled by these pesky rodents!
Don’t let them damage your home or garden!



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