Don’t let those Plump Pantry Pests invade your kitchen cabinets while you scurry to make a cake or two…..

Don’t let Sprawling Black Spiders dangle from your chandeliers and lamps as you set your holiday table………..

Don’t let Crispy Fat-Bodied Cave Crickets jump around your dark corners of your basement working their way upstairs to feast at the dinner table,

Don’t let Rats Roam by your warm fireplace looking to nibble on just about anything around,

Don’t let Merry mice run thru your cupboards or floorboards as you have a toast or two……

and finally ………………..

Don’t let those Bountiful BATS scratch inside your walls or get lost and take a dive to get a glimpse of your Thanksgiving Feast, leaving their glazed GUANO behind in pile high mounds in your attic!

Be Thankful and Blessed to know that


will be at your side

to take care of any unwelcome guests!! 908-578-0726

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