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These pests look very pre-historic, ugly, and scarey to look at! They get their name from the odor emitted from their scent glands when disturbed or crushed. In recent years they have become a major pest problem of homes and buildings. They enter structures in the Fall. Just in time when your sending your children off to school, you will find you will have some unwanted, unexpectedguests in your house! Stink bugs will enter your home thru gaps in windows, doors, vents, chimneys, eves, unfinished or improperly finished siding and gaps in sliding glass doors. They will slip into cracks and voids that you cannot see. During the Fall, they are very active in your home as they settle down for the cold winter months. As the sun and your heating system warm your walls, the remain unwanted guests in your home! Over the winter months, they will survive by populating your artificially heated, home or office building. They seek warmth found within the insulated walls of a building. They will exit your home and activity can peak again in the warmer months of April, May, and June. During these months, they return outside to feed on fruit producing plants. They do not reproduce indoors.

Treatments in the Spring, Summer and especially in the Fall will reduce these guests in your home by 90-100%. You will be free of Stink Bugs by the following season. However, it is entirely possible, and even probable, that you will incur additional problems as time goes on. This is due to the resilient nature of this pest, as well as the simply massive populations that they create in a relatively short time scale.

Children Back to School?

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