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Long Valley Mouse RemovalAre you in need of Long Valley NJ mouse extermination? During the colder seasons, mice are even more inclined to be invading your home. For centuries, the mouse has been one of man’s enemies. They invade homes, spread disease, eat food, cause home damage, and leave a mess wherever they like to hide out. Some diseases that mice can spread include the plague, murine typhus, rickettsial pox, and salmonella. The house mouse is the most common one, and is the furry little friend you’ll find scurrying around your home. Since mice are so tiny, they can virtually fit into any crevice of your home, making controlling them quite difficult. The reason why infestations can happen so easily is because they often hide inside walls, cabinets, and drawers until late hours, and reproduce extremely fast. A dirty home with food lying around is what will attract mice. Indicators of an infestation include small black pieces of feces in drawers, cabinets, or in small crevices, holes in pantry items such as a bag of chips, and wires that seem to have been chewed on. You should immediately contact a Long Valley pest control service if you see the mice are active by day because this means it’s a serious infestation and Long Valley mouse removal is a must.

Long Valley Mouse Trapping


Long Valley mouse trapping is the best way of controlling a mouse infestation. Hennebry Pest Solutions is a Long Valley pest control service that uses safe traps with non-hazardous baits to effectively trap the mice. They are then disposed of immediately to prevent odor problems. This Long valley mouse removal service removes pests all over the Morris County area in towns such as Hackettstown, Long Valley, Mendham, Morristown, Randolph, and many more. Call today for a free pest control estimate.

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