Mt. Olive Pest Infestation – Termite Control

Mt. Olive Termite ControlTermites can be a huge nuisance in the Long Valley area. Termites are social
insects that live in colonies consisting of “castes”. These “castes” consist of
workers, soldiers, winged (primary or swarmer) reproductives, and supplementary
reproductives. Swarmer castes are the most seen by homeowners. A “colony
queen” may produce as many as 36,000 eggs a day for many years. Therefore,
a colony may consist of over 350,000 workers. The problem that they pose for homeowners is that they are wood eaters.

A termite colony can cause thousands of dollars in damage overtime. During certain months, usually in the Spring,these insects will swarm areas of your home. These swarmers emerge on warm, sunny days when humidity is high, often on days following rain showers. The best way to take care of an infestation is to contact a Pest Management Professional (PMP) for Long Valley Termite Control.

Hennebry Pest Solutions LLC specializes in all kinds of pest control and animal
removal in the Morris County area, including Long Valley Termite Control and
Extermination. HENNEBRY PEST Professionals serve towns such as Long
Valley, Chester, Mendham, Bedminster, Bernardsville, Hackettstown, Morristown,
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