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Eliminate the MOTHS in your closets!

CLOTHES Moths can eat and survive on virtually any natural fiber. They have been known to eat wool, cashmere, silk, cotton, linen, fur, feathers. The larvae of the clothes making moth will be seen crawling over the floor or up the surface of a wall. Don’t let these pests weave small holes with webbing and destroy your brand new Holiday sweaters!

Eliminate PANTRY PESTS or Indian Meal Moths in your cupboards!

These insects are pinkish white caterpillars that crawl across the wall or ceiling and over counter tops. Another sign of these pests are a few brownish moths flying in an irregular pattern in the kitchen or adjoining room a few hours after sunset. Their larvae feed on grain and grain products, dried fruit, seeds, crackers, nuts, powdered milk, chocolate, candies, dried peppers, bird seeds, dry dog or cat food, whole wheat or graham flour, cornmeal, dried roots, dried flowers, sunflower seeds, herbs, and beans. These infestations may remain unnoticed for a long period of time!

Eliminate CARPET BEETLES in your rugs and furniture!

Carpet Beetles feed on anything that was originally covered with an animal’s skin, hair or feathers, or wool. They can also infest many of the foods in your pantry that are grain-based. The Carpet Beetle will leave a powdery fecal matter on the surface and shed their outer skin as they grow. They presence of these hairy little skins is a true sign that the culprit is a carpet beetle.

Eliminate RODENTS in your kitchen, basement, or attic!

It’s that time of year again when the temperature drops and cold weather brings new sounds of little footsteps in your cupboards, inside your walls, or scampering on your roof top. Eventually noises in your attic or basement will only mean house guests you don’t want!

Eliminate BATS in your attic or wallboards!

If you hear scratching in your ceilings or walls, or near dormers and vents in your home, your may have a BAT HOUSE. Bats are creatures of habit and will return to the same structure year after year if not excluded. During winter months, they like to snuggle up under insulation to get near the warm side of a ceiling or wall. Evidence of bat guano is a true sign you have BATS living in your home. Bat Exclusion or Remediation is necessary to eliminate these creatures from making your home, their home!

Stop unwanted guests from living in your home!





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