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So our winter was colder than usual. Following with March, April and May, the weather has been rainy and not as hot as years gone by. You may think that cold weather, in regards to bugs, can only hurt insect populations. No celebrating for you, the homeowner, just yet!

Insects do avoid the bitter cold by migrating and entering your home or structure and burrowing themselves below freezing depth into leaf litter and soil over the cold months. Although, the weather may still seem cool, don’t let bugs fool you. The minute a warm day appears, insects will be swarming around your front door, crawling on your countertops in your kitchen, buzzing in your eaves of your siding, drilling perfectly round holes in your decking or jungle gyms, or making paper nests in your trees as you walk by, threatening your family. Don’t be fooled! They will be smarming, crawling, buzzing, jumping, or flying all around you!

So, homeowner , beware, be proactive and protect your home from intrusive pests this summer!

Don’t wait till to see what Mother Mature has in store for you and what pests will “BUG” you throughout the rest of the year!


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