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Bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, fleas, ticks and termites seem to do the most “bugging” this year. Do not put off taking care of these pests and give them a chance to grow significantly. They will infest your home or property and create a serious problem.

Bed bugs continue to peak during summer months when the most travel happens. They can invade your home in an instant! They will piggy-back in backpacks and suitcases, in colleges, hotels, offices, movie theaters and public transportation back to your home without you realizing it. You, the homeowner, must be educated and proactive, reaching out to a professional PMP before these tiny blood suckers get out of hand!

Carpenter, odorous house and pavement ants are the most cited as structural and nuisance Pest Ants. But it is the tawny crazy ant that has captured attention this year. This ant does not bite or sting but overwhelms the area it invades in your home with sheer numbers. Their colonies can have multiple queens and can measure in the millions! They re-invade your home easily as 1,2,3 and continue to create an infestation that is out of control.

Cockroaches are on the rise this summer. They have a short life cycle, a high reproductive rate, and rebound in numbers within a month! They are attracted to water sources and hide in cracks and crevices in your home. They can squeeze into a crack as thin as a dime! Cockroaches trigger asthma, spread 33 kinds of bacteria, 6 kinds of parasitic worms and at least 7 human pathogens. If you see one in your home, you have seen too many!


Flea season usually runs from early spring until December depending upon the weather. Once the warmer days of spring are here, fleas begin to hatch and infest our pets and living areas. Fleas drink blood and reproduce. If they bite you, they can cause itching and irritation depending on where they were before they got on to you. They can also transfer disease from other people or animals to you. It may seem like a losing battle since as soon as you kill one, or you think you are Flea FREE, another one pops up! A professional PMP is needed to rid your home of these annoying, jumping, biting, miniature bloodsucking pests!

Ticks remain a serious public health threat, invading one back yard, soccer field, or playground at a time. They crawl up under your clothing, latching on and embedding themselves in your skin, drinking your blood. The volume of blood taken is relative to the amount of eggs that are hatched. The more blood sucked, the more eggs the female will produce! Most ticks are found below the knee level, waiting to be brushed off from the end of a grass blade orleaf,then swept away by a host. They finally move toward a warm, moist area on the host’s body. Tick activity skyrockets in April (the Spring) when eggs first hatch.  They are most active in late June and early July. The best time to treat your property for ticks is now!


It’s all about these bugs! Populations are increasing!

If you think you have an infestation, call







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