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Homeowner Beware!

Morris County Rodent Removal

t’s that time of year when these little rodent creatures set up their nests in your home. The weather turns cold and outside food sources become scarce. They look for warmth and protection for their young inside your house. Their nests are usually located within walls, ceilings and cabinet voids. They can find warmth within the bases of your refrigerator or oven, dresser drawers, desks, and even among the food in your pantry! They can cause a major mess and void all over your cupboards, closets and even in the upholstery of your furniture!


The bad news for you as a homeowner, is that mice can reproduce rapidly and can spread disease just as rapidly as the reproduce. Mice activity during the day indicates a severe infestation. Ridding your house of these rodents is a challenge year round.


In Winter, it is even more of achallenge as these little rodents look for a warm place to hide, eat and breed…..INSIDE your house!


If you feel you have a mice or rodent problem, don’t wait till its population gets out of hand.

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